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Things Your Cat Doesn’t Care About

Kitties are very affectionate and loving, and form very strong bonds with their humans. Our…
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Things To Do For Your Cat This Year

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions today? Whether you are heading into 2023 with…
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Brownish cat staring at the Christmas tree

Fluffy’s Holiday Traditions

Do you have a lot of seasonal traditions? Whether it’s cooking specific dishes, going to…
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Two dogs hiding behind a green curtain

Anxiety In Dogs

Happy Holidays! This can be a fun time of year for both people and pets.…
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Fido’s Thanksgiving Holiday Plans

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks off. Your canine buddy will…
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Playing With Your Cat

Does your feline pal sometimes wake you up batting her favorite squeaky toy around in…
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