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<strong>How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?</strong>

Does your pooch run when he hears the word ‘bath?’ If so, he’s not alone.

World Animal Reiki Day

February 5th is World Animal Reiki Day! World Animal Reiki Day was founded by the

Things Your Cat Doesn’t Care About

Kitties are very affectionate and loving, and form very strong bonds with their humans. Our

Things To Do For Your Cat This Year

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions today? Whether you are heading into 2023 with
Brownish cat staring at the Christmas tree

Fluffy’s Holiday Traditions

Do you have a lot of seasonal traditions? Whether it’s cooking specific dishes, going to
Two dogs hiding behind a green curtain

Anxiety In Dogs

Happy Holidays! This can be a fun time of year for both people and pets.
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