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Helpful Appointment Tips

Helpful Appointment Tips
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Want to help ensure a less stressful visit for you and your furry friend? Use the following easy tips.

One month prior to your appointment:

  1. For anxious pets, use a calming spray, such as Aromacat Cat Nap (cats) or Aromadog Chill Out (dogs), around the home to help keep your pet calm. Don’t use the spray only for vet visits or else your pet might associate the smell with the veterinarian. For more information and to purchase these products, go to: www.aromadog.com.
  2. Gradually get your pet accustomed to being handled, including touching their face, ears, and paws.
  3. If your pet has demonstrated any signs of aggression, call us to discuss the best options for a successful visit.

One week prior to your appointment:

  1. If this is your first visit, please help us obtain a copy of all medical records, including vaccination records, lab work, and doctor’s notes by calling your previous veterinarian. Kindly request that they forward all records by email to office@petwisevet.com or fax to 706-622-3079.
  2. If your pet will be undergoing any diagnostic testing, follow instructions given for administering medication, fasting, and collecting a urine and/or stool sample.

Day of your appointment:

  1. Avoid scheduling other services that day, such as yard maintenance, house cleaning, house repairs, etc, that may cause additional stress or anxiety to your pet.
  2. If you have an escape artist, place your pet in a small, uncluttered and enclosed room (e.g. bathroom or closet) or carrier/crate.
  3. Have all medications, supplements, or other pet supplies such as food and litter available or easily accessible.
  4. Prepare a list of your questions and concerns.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts


  • Have your pet’s favorite treats handy. 
  • Exercise your pet to reduce nervous energy.
  • Socialize your pet so they are not afraid of strangers. 
  • Stay calm. Pets are great emotion detectors. 
  • Play calming music, like classical or white noise, to reduce the stress and anxiety prior to our visit.


  • Feed a large meal immediately before the appointment.
  • Confine your pet for over an hour, as this may contribute to anxiety.
  • Choose a room with expensive, fragile items or lots of obstacles.
  • Reward them for fearful behavior.
  • Be afraid to ask lots of questions.


Mailing Address

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Phone: 706-969-0933

Appointment Hours

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: Closed

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