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Euthanasia | Gentle Passing

Hospice & Gentle Passing/Euthanasia
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Pets are an important part of our family. When a pet is ill or elderly, it is difficult to watch them live in pain. They may have good days and bad days. 

Animals are experts at hiding signs of illness and pain. Your pet may appear ill out of the blue, when in fact they’ve been dealing with something for awhile. 

How do I know when it’s time to say goodbye?

Letting go is never easy, but we can support you in making the best decision for you and your faithful companion. Feeling guilty or uncertain about what to do and having second thoughts is very common. It may be helpful to use a Quality of Life (QOL) Scale to help guide your decision-making process, especially if multiple family members are involved. Download the QOL scale here.

As such, it can be very challenging to make a decision to relieve their suffering. The passing of a family pet can be as heartbreaking as the loss of a human loved one.

At Petwise, we understand what an emotional experience this can be. That’s because we are pet parents, just like you. When you are ready or need help making a decision, we have the resources and compassion to assist you.

Dr. Falck knows the feeling of losing a pet all too well, as she has helped many families during these hard times. Clients often ask Dr. Falck if it is difficult for her to perform euthanasia “While I acknowledge that it can be personally draining, I believe that it is almost always a kinder alternative to letting nature take its course, a process often accompanied by prolonged pain and suffering.” 

In-home Gentle Passing / Euthanasia

Our house call euthanasia is painless for your pet and gives you the chance to say goodbye to your four-legged companion in an environment where you both feel at ease. Special requests are welcomed, such as reading a poem, lighting a candle or performing the euthanasia procedure outdoors. 

Having a sense of closure when your pet passes can help ease the pain that you might be feeling. As a token of compassion and friendship, we offer our clients a clay paw print impression memorial, so that you can treasure and celebrate the memories of your beloved cat or dog forever.

With our veterinary house calls, and in-home gentle passing, you can grieve in the privacy and sanctuary of your own home. We will provide you with contact information for pet aftercare options (cremation) upon request.

Support for Pet Owners

As caregivers for our pet friends that are suffering from chronic illness, terminal disease or injury, we may need support. Each of us deals with illness, injury and death in a unique way. What you are feeling and experiencing is related to the strong bond that you and your faithful companion share.

During this challenging time, you can find resources for comfort & support here: 

UGA Companion Animal Loss Support

Cremation Services

We do not perform cremation services. However, we do recommend the following companies:

  • Precious Memories, Rick & Rita Farmer: 770-530-5362 or 706-219-3981
  • North Georgia Pet Cremations: 770-540-2078
  • Pet Loss & Grief Resources


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