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Digital Thermal Imaging

Digital Thermal Imaging
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When a pet is in pain or suffering from an illness or injury, it’s not always easy to determine what’s wrong. Some animals are masters at hiding the signs of illness or discomfort. Others may exhibit some signs, but they may be too vague to pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

This is where digital thermal imaging can help. Petwise utilizes advanced imaging technology to examine and evaluate your pet on a deeper level. This enables us to identify areas of pain and inflammation that cannot be seen by the naked eye so we can address them quickly and effectively. 

How it Works

Digital thermal imaging works by measuring the energy that radiates from your pet’s body. Differences in radiated energy are associated with varying temperatures, which can be viewed as color differences. 

So, for instance, hotter areas may indicate an increase in circulation while cooler areas may be experiencing a decrease in circulation. Identifying these differences can help us detect and diagnose the presence of illness or injury early for a better prognosis.

What Are the Risks?

Unlike standard imaging, such as x-rays, digital thermal imaging emits nothing, making it completely safe and painless for your pet. Best of all, we can bring this advanced technology right into the comfort of your home through our veterinary house call services. 

Could your pet benefit from a digital thermal screening? Contact Petwise to learn more or to schedule an appointment!


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