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Fun Facts About Donkeys

July 15, 2023

Today is Celebration Of The Horse Day! While horses may be taking the spotlight, we’re pretty sure that other equines count here too, so we’re shining the spotlight on Silver’s cousin, the donkey. Donkeys have helped humanity just as much as horses have. Although donkeys bear a close resemblance to horses, and have quite similar care needs, there are some distinct differences between them. A Dawsonville, GA vet lists some fun facts about donkeys in this article.

Sunshine Days

Donkeys are suited to arid, desert climates. That is very much evident when it comes to their opinions of rain. (Spoiler: they hate it.) These guys can actually get quite sick from getting too wet. A sturdy, leak-proof shelter is a must.

Size Of The Heart

Donkeys are the smallest members of the horse family. (That doesn’t include ponies, which are technically just small horses.) However, while these guys may have small bodies, they have big personalities, and can get very attached to their humans.

Work History

Donkeys are often used as beasts of burden. This is because they’re remarkably strong. In fact, most donkeys are stronger than comparatively-sized horses.


Those adorable big ears serve several purposes. They help donkeys regulate their temperature, just as bunny ears help rabbits. Thanks to those ears, donkeys also have very astute hearing. In fact, they can hear other donkeys as far as 60 miles away. (Note: whales have them beat on this: some species can hear one another from 4000 miles away. However, that’s another topic.)

Guard Donkey

Donkeys aren’t just cute and fun to have around; they’re also useful. Donkeys are naturally wary of canines, and can be great at fending off wolves and coyotes. That can come in really handy on a farm!


Donkeys are very, very sociable. They often get along great with horses, but don’t do well by themselves. In fact, if you watch a herd of donkeys, you’ll see them grooming and nuzzling each other. Actually, donkeys can form very strong bonds with one another, to the point that they can recognize old ‘friends’ after decades apart.

Auntie Ears

Here’s an adorable one: If a donkey is housed with a mare and foal, she often becomes a sort of ‘aunt’ to the new baby. How cute is that?

Do you have questions about donkey care? Contact us, your Dawsonville, GA pet clinic, today!

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