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Things Your Cat Doesn’t Care About

January 15, 2023

Kitties are very affectionate and loving, and form very strong bonds with their humans. Our feline friends also show their love in some very adorable ways, such as purrs and snuggles. However, while Fluffy may care very deeply about you, there are some things that she is not particularly worried about. A local Dawsonville, GA vet lists some of them below.

Your Schedule

Have you ever been awakened by your feline buddy ‘hangrily’ demanding that you give her breakfast right meow? Does your pet sometimes pounce on your toes as you’re trying to sleep? Fluffy clearly doesn’t care if you had a late or restless night and just got to sleep an hour ago!

Your Clothes

It’s often been said jokingly that one of Fluffy’s life ‘purrposes’ is to distribute fur evenly all over her domain. She also likes to leave hair on her humans! Brushing your kitty regularly will help with this, as you’ll be grabbing that fur in the brush before it ends up on your shirt.

Your Furniture

Fluffy isn’t deliberately trying to destroy your furniture when she uses it as a nail care station. The urge to keep those claws sharp and get rid of that old growth is a very deep-seated instinct in cats. It could actually be compared to the drive ducks have for swimming, or to horses’ inclination to run. That all said, your kitty isn’t very worried about those little nicks and tears she leaves behind. Make sure she has a great nail care station or tower!

The Dog

Every day, thousands—if not millions—of kitties brazenly take over their canine roommates’ beds, without a single second of remorse. Poor Fido may be relegated to sleeping on the floor, but Fluffy isn’t going to lose any sleep over his discomfort.


Our feline pals are almost as rude as they are cute! Fluffy sometimes deliberately bites us just for fun, enjoys knocking things onto the floor, and has a unique fondness for bringing her owners dead rodents! Clearly, human etiquette is not a big concern for our furry overlords.

Your Job

One thing that is here to stay, post-Covid: the Zoom meeting. Fluffy has definitely crashed her share of conference calls!

As your Dawsonville, GA animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. Please reach out to us for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs!

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