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5 Reasons To Choose House Calls For Older Pets

November 1, 2021

Did you know that veterinary housecalls are getting more and more popular for pets? These are beneficial to many people, for various reasons, but they can be especially helpful to those with senior pets. A local Clarkesville, GA veterinarian lists some reasons why in this article.

Avoid Uncomfortable Travel

Many older pets get quite stiff and sore. This can make traveling with them difficult. With larger dogs, it can also be challenging just to get them into the vehicle. House calls = problem solved!

Less Schedule Disruption

Older pets have pretty busy schedules, and sometimes have a hard time keeping up with their morning, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and nighttime naps. Having a vet come to you will help ensure that your furry best friend’s agenda is only briefly disrupted.

Calmer Pet

With older pets, it’s important to keep them comfortable, and avoid stressing them out unduly. Going to the clinic can be a bit stressful for our furry patients. Many animals get uneasy going to an unfamiliar place. The sight, smell, and sound of other distressed pets is enough in and of itself to set many dogs and cats on edge. Home visits take that out of the equation entirely. Given that it’s easier to examine a calm pet than a frightened one, this can also help ensure that Fluffy and Fido’s appointments are both thorough and comfortable.

Home Observation

There are also some secondary benefits to having your vet come to you, instead of vice versa. One key one is the fact that this allows your vet to observe their furry patient at home. This can be very helpful, and may provide key insight. This can also prompt conversations and tips about your animal companion’s food treats, toy, or care regimen. 


A Dignified Farewell

Sadly, the time we have to spend with our beloved furry friends often passes much too quickly. When it is time for your four-legged friend to head over the Rainbow Bridge, you may find that a home visit is the best option. Your pet will be able to close their eyes peacefully and comfortably in their own home, surrounded by their beloved families. The peace of mind and dignity this offers can be a great comfort to distraught owners.

Do you want to book a house call? Contact us, your local Clarkesville, GA animal clinic, anytime!

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