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Massage For Pets

September 1, 2021

Do you enjoy getting massages? Massages are associated with simple relaxation, but they offer some amazing health benefits, for both people and pets. A local Dawsonville, GA vet discusses pet massages below.

Emotional Benefits

Massages have much the same effect on pets as they do on us. First and foremost, they are very relaxing. This can be extremely helpful to pets that are stressed, scared, nervous, or lonely. Pets that are feeling relaxed and happy are also less likely to engage in unwanted behaviors, like digging or chewing. Massages can also help at specific times that can be difficult for Fido and Fluffy, such as during thunderstorms. (Your kitty may try to return the favor, but that’s another topic.) Last but not least, a soothing massage can help build trust between you and your four-legged friend. 

Physical Benefits

Massage offers pets many of the same wonderful health benefits as it does people. Some of these benefits include better immunity, increased mobility, reduced pain and stiffness, and improved flexibility. These things all contribute to a better overall quality of life. Massage can be particularly beneficial for arthritic pets. Getting rid of those knots improves blood flow. That improved circulation can also help with flushing toxins. If you and your canine buddy are very athletic, you may also want to give Fido a rubdown before and/or after going on a vigorous hike or run. Another great benefit of massage? It can help pets heal faster after injuries or surgical procedures. It’s also worth mentioning that massage works very well in conjunction with other holistic treatments, such as chiropractic care and acupuncture. Of course, every pet is different, so consult your vet before moving forward.


If your pet has a chronic condition, you may want to look into getting a professional pet masseuse, one who is licensed to work with pet muscles. Of course, you can also just gently rub your pet down at home. You may find that it puts a smile on your face as well. It’s always cute seeing dogs and cats just close their eyes and enjoy having all those knots and tight spots released. The key is to go lightly, moving in long, slow strokes. If your pet seems uncomfortable, stop the massage immediately. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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