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Tips for Adopting a Barn Cat

July 15, 2021

If you have a barn, farm, and/or stable, there’s a good chance that you’ve dealt with some uninvited guests, such as mice and squirrels. These critters may be small, but they can cause big issues. They not only carry fleas, worms, and diseases, they can chew wires, nest in hay, and eat and/or contaminate food. As it turns out, your best weapon against rodents and other pests may also be your most adorable one. Cats are great at hunting small vermin! Fluffy may be purrfectly happy to provide mouse control services in exchange for food, shelter, and some napping spots. Here, a Clarkesville, GA vet discusses adopting a barn cat.

Provide Basic Care

Many barn cats are former strays, who are used to getting by on their own. However, that doesn’t mean Fluffy is completely self-sufficient. Your kitty will need food, fresh water, and regular veterinary care.

Get Your Feline Friend Fixed

Pet overpopulation is a huge issue, and is one reason there are so many homeless kitties in shelters. Don’t let your barn cats multiply! Spay/neuter surgery is a must.

Consider A Feral Cat

There’s no physical difference between domestic, stray, and feral cats: it’s just a matter of socialization. Stray cats make great barn cats, as they’re used to people and can be quite friendly. Feral cats usually aren’t as sociable, and they don’t necessarily make good pets. For instance, they may not use a litterbox. That said, many of them are amiable enough to hire. These guys can make great barn buddies!

Keep Up With Preventative Care

Fluffy will be hunting and coming into contact with all sorts of wild animals. Keep up with her parasite control and vaccinations! We recommend having your vet take care of this when they come by to examine or treat your livestock.

Give Fluffy Shelter

Many barn kitties sleep on saddle blankets or grain bags. However, they will still get chilly on cold nights, and can get dangerously hot in summer. You can make kitty shelters out of plastic storage totes. (Fluffy may still curl up on hay bales, but at least she’ll have options.)

Pat Yourself On The Back

Helping an animal in need is a wonderful thing to do. Give yourself a hand!

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Clarkesville, GA animal clinic! 

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