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Your Cat’s Most Urgent Questions

January 15, 2024

We always find it fun to celebrate all of the many different pet holidays and observances that occur throughout the year. January is mainly focused on our canine companions. It’s Walk Your Dog Month and Train Your Dog Month, and we’ve also had various breed-specific celebrations. However, there is also a fun holiday for our feline friends on the 22nd: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Cats are naturally curious creatures and always seem to have questions on their minds. In this article by a local Clarkesville, GA vet, we speculate on what your cat might want to know if given the chance to ask.

Why Won’t You Let Me Go Outside?

If you tell your cat about the dangers she may face outdoors, such as weather, cars, and even other cats, you may just get a questioning look… or the infamous feline death stare. However, Fluffy is much safer indoors!

What’s So Funny? Why Do You Keep Laughing At Me?

Have you ever noticed that your feline buddy somehow gets even funnier when she’s being serious? Kitties never stop making us giggle with their silly quirks and antics. You may find yourself giggling at your pet when she does that hilarious pre-pounce butt wiggle. However, as far as Fluffy is concerned, hunting that bottlecap is very serious business.

Will I Ever Catch That Dot?

Fluffy has been stalking that elusive red dot for decades. Using a laser pointer is a great way to keep your kitty entertained! Playing is both fun and beneficial for our feline buddies. Your cat may never quite figure out how to catch her prey, but she’ll certainly have fun trying.  Just don’t shine the light in her eyes.

Why Did You Move Me?

Did you know that the average cat spends as much as 20 hours snoozing every day? Fluffy is quite opportunistic when it comes to finding napping spots, and will try anything, whether it’s a book, computer, or jacket you want to wear. At some point, you’ll have to move your pet off of something that isn’t supposed to be a cat bed.

Do You Need Help?

You kind of have to marvel at how easily cats wrap us around their little paws. The average housecat spends most of her time basically just relaxing and being adorable. We provide food, care, lap space, catnip, toys, beds, and boxes. As a way of reciprocating, Fluffy may try to lend a helping paw as you pack suitcases, wrap presents, or change sheets. She may also thoughtfully hop into your chair if you get up, to keep it warm.

Why Is My Breakfast Late Again?

Our furry friends take their meal schedules very seriously. If you’re late with your kitty’s first, second, or third breakfast, she may meow her displeasure. (Be careful not to let your pet meowpulate you: kitties are very good at cajoling their humans into overfeeding them. Ask your Clarkesville, GA veterinarian for nutritional advice.)

Where Are My Humans?

We will probably never fully comprehend cats, but we are making progress. Recent research has shown that kitties use a visual mental ‘map’ of their domains to constantly track the movements of their human companions. Think of it as a GPS map, with you as the moving icon. If your pet cannot locate you, she may become confused or even distressed!

What Are You Up To?

Our feline overlords like to supervise their humans quite closely. Fluffy may keep an eye on you as you’re reading, cooking, doing laundry, or fixing things. She even follows her humans into bathrooms!

What’s Inside That?

The phrase about curiosity killing the cat clearly has some basis in reality. Felines possess a strong sense of curiosity, and for good reason: they are both hunters and potential prey in the wild. Therefore, it’s only natural for them to be constantly curious about their environment. Many of us are used to retrieving our inquisitive little pets from boxes and suitcases. Fluffy just can’t resist investigating her surroundings and everything around her. There could be a hidden mouse lurking in a paper bag!

(Note: Cats sometimes can get locked in sheds or garages. Make sure you keep an eye on Fluffy!)

What Made You Pet Another Cat?

Fluffy’s cute little nose isn’t quite as sensitive as Fido’s, but it’s still quite astute. If you interact with another cat, your furball may very well pick up the scent. Don’t be surprised if she gives you that haughty judgmental look of reproach!

What Is My Purrpose In Life?

We’re not quite ready to say whether or not kitties have existential crises or seriously ponder the meaning of life. However, it’s safe to assume that many of them do occasionally ponder serious topics, such as karma and fate. Fluffy may also be thinking deep thoughts about wormholes and teleportation. 

Then again, she could be wondering why squirrels don’t have humans. You just never know with cats.

How Come You Don’t Sleep Enough?

Fluffy can sleep as much as 20 hours every day, but she usually settles for only 14 to 16 hours. As far as your feline pal is concerned, the 6 to 8 hours most people get is nowhere near enough.

What are you doing? My breakfast is late!

Remember the old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? Fluffy may never reveal her full list of golden rules, but we have a sneaking suspicion that one would be on there. Your furry pal may very well wake you up -perhaps by smacking you with her paw- if you dare to sleep past her morning meal time.

What Is the Dog Doing?

While Fluffy and Fido don’t always get along, they are both wonderful pets. They definitely don’t speak the same language, though. Your cat might wonder why Fido does what he is told, doesn’t use a litter box, and doesn’t clean himself. (Fido may also have quite a few very valid questions about his feline roommate, but that’s another topic.)

Why Do You Keep Taking Me To The Veterinarian?

Kitties usually tend to be homebodies. Even those that are allowed outside generally stick pretty close to home.  Fluffy is typically not purrticularly amused to find herself being put into a carrier and taken on a dreaded car ride. In fact, most cats are more upset about the car ride than their appointments! Proper veterinary care is crucial to your kitty’s health and well-being, however. We’re happy to help eliminate this question: we’re mobile! In fact, being able to skip the car ride makes things much easier on our feline patients. 

What Happened To My Toys?

Some of you may have, at some point, discovered a small pile of cat toys under your chairs, beds, or sofas. Your furry friend may be wondering what happened to her favorite catnip mouse

What Happens to My Sunbeam?

Despite the fact that Fluffy isn’t technically running on solar power, she loves to refuel her catteries by snoozing in sunny spots. Your pet may wonder why her favorite sunbeams aren’t always available.

If you have questions about your cat’s health or care, please do not hesitate to contact us! As your Clarkesville, GA pet hospital, we are here to help!

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