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Holistic Pet Care Tips mobile only

March 1, 2023

Holistic pet care is growing in popularity, as more and more people realize its benefits. It’s not only safe, gentle, and effective, it can also be used to help prevent, treat, or manage many common health issues that our furry friends face. Here, a Clarkesville, GA vet lists some ways to incorporate holistic care into your pet’s care regimen.

Get Pet Safe Plants

Plants help filter the air, which may have a bigger impact on our health than many people realize. Just be sure to stick with pet-safe ones. Boston ferns, African violets, and Ponytail palms are a few good options. You can find more at the ASPCA website here

Provide Great Water

Clean water is one of the most fundamental needs for both people and pets. If your tap water isn’t great, you may want to look into a filtration system. This will benefit both you and your pet. Your furry buddy may also appreciate having a pet fountain to drink from. Many animals prefer to drink running water!

Upgrade Food Options 

There are now some wonderful pet food companies offering holistic options. These brands typically use whole, healthy, often organic, ingredients, and limit the amounts of chemicals and by-products they use. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Eliminate Toxins 

The number of chemicals that both people and pets are exposed to on a daily basis has gone up drastically over the last century. Look into ways to reduce the amount of toxins your pet is exposed to. Simply making small changes, like switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, can make a difference.

Reduce Stress

Holistic care really means focusing on a pet’s health from the inside out. Take measures to keep your four-legged friend happy and stress-free. Just providing little comforts, like cuddles, soft beds, and good grooming, can go a long way. Enrichment is also very important. Toys, walks, playtime, and stimulation can all reduce boredom and anxiety. 

Find A Holistic Vet

Choosing holistic care doesn’t mean foregoing traditional veterinary medicine. Things like spay/neuter surgery, screenings, and vaccinations are all still crucial to your furry pal’s overall health and well-being. Many holistic vets offer both holistic and modern veterinary care options, and customize treatments as needed … therefore providing the best of both worlds.

Do you want to learn more about holistic veterinary care? Contact us, your Clarkesville, GA animal clinic! 

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