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Halloween With Senior Dogs

October 15, 2022

Halloween is coming up! As you may know, this can be a dangerous holiday for Man’s Best Friend. Some seasonal hazards, like decorations, may pose a more serious threat to playful younger dogs. However, older pooches also need a little extra attention at this time of year. A local Dawsonville, GA vet discusses spending Halloween with senior dogs in this article.


Chocolate, raisins, and xylitol are common ingredients in those seasonal sweets, and they are all toxic to dogs. Small candies are also choking risks, as are candy wrappers. Keep candies away from your canine companion! 


Firepits and fireplaces definitely give your home a cozy glow, but be careful. Older dogs can easily stumble and get singed. Use grates around fireplaces, and keep candles in high spots, where Fido can’t reach.

Keep Fido In

Even if your furry best friend has a yard to play in, it’s best to limit his outdoor time around the autumn holiday. Pranksters unfortunately pose too much of a risk to pets. Plus, many pups can be easily agitated or scared by costumed pedestrians walking past. You don’t want Fido getting distressed or frightened! It’s also getting dark early, so try to get your dog’s main walks in before the sun goes down.

Halloween Night

Are you expecting a lot of trick or treaters? Keep Fido comfy and cozy in a quiet back room, with a good bed, toys and a few treats. Turn a radio on to mask the noise.


It’s starting to get chilly at night, which can be tough on older pets. If Fido seems stiff and sore, have your vet examine him. While some of the issues that are common in older dogs, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, aren’t curable, they can be managed with treatment. You’ll also want to make sure your furry pal has a good doggy bed to curl up in.


Fido may look adorable as a bee or butterfly, but older dogs often get frightened and distressed by clothing. They’re also at greater risk of injuring themselves if they slip and fall or get stuck on something. Instead of putting your canine buddy in a full outfit, just do something simple, like putting a cute tie or bandana on him. 

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